Monday, April 11, 2011

Thoughts on the 2011 Frozen Four

Another Frozen Four is in the books and congratulations to the University of Minnesota Duluth; the 2011 Champions in College Hockey.

As my friend SiouxFanInBoston and I spent the last four days in St. Paul, we experienced some likes and dislikes about this year’s Frozen Four.

Here they are in no particular order.


St Paul - Liked - Overall a great venue for College Hockey. This town knows how to put on a great tournament and make sure fans are having a great time. This should be the template for other future Frozen Fours.

Xcel Energy Center – Liked – this is a great place to watch a hockey game; I don’t think there was a bad seat in the house.

Hobey – Liked – Sioux Fans gave Andy Miele a standing ovation after he won the Hobey. Also the Sioux faithful gave the UND Team a standing ovation when they filed into their seats for the Hobey and when they were leaving the Hobey as well.

Hobey -- Liked #2 -- the fact that the Sioux team stayed in St. Paul to attend the Hobey ceremony to support Matt Frattin.

Fan Fest – Liked – Closed down the street and had a party for all – Just the best!

Meeting New & Old Friends – LIKED – As usual we met new and old friends at the Frozen Four; from the plane ride to the FF to last call Saturday night.

Listening to Al Pearson-Liked- It was fun sitting at Tim Reid’s listening to Al tell us different Sioux stories. He kept us in good spirits and had us laughing most of the time. True Sioux legend!


North Dakota Losing – Disliked – Enough Said.

Michigan Fight Song – Disliked - We stopped counting the number of times the Michigan Band played the fight song Saturday night – FYI we stopped counting at 14 times.

Sick – Big Disliked – I had not been sick all year until this week. I think I spent more money at Walgreens than I did at the Bar.

Booing TAMPA 2012 –Disliked – I did not like it when the fans booed the announcement of next year’s Frozen Four in Tampa. For me I will hold my judgment until next year.

Hotel – Disliked –We stayed at the same hotel as the Michigan team. Not fun after Thursday night... but a little better after Saturday :) This Hotel also booked another convention at the same time and it was crammed full of non hockey people all over the place and the elevators took forever, etc. I felt bad for the Michigan fans --not only did they have to deal with losing Saturday night they had to deal with this when they came back to the Hotel.

Food Xcel Energy Center – Disliked – Not much of a selection; rules of thumb eat beforehand.

Ticket scalpers - Disliked – If one more scalper came up to me and asked if I had tickets, I would have gone crazy – I should have hung a sign around my neck that said I have no tickets. They even were walking through the Hotels asking if anyone had tickets.

Brock Nelson getting hurt- Disliked – Get well and we will see you next season.

Matt Frattin not winning Hobey – Disliked – enough said.

Looking forward to the Ice Breaker in October at the Ralph! Love to hear about your experiences at this year's Frozen Four, feel free to comment. Let's Go Sioux!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let The Games Begin

It seems longer than 6 months since North Dakota lost to Yale in Worcester. But a new season also brings new hope. I have to admit, I’m very excited to watch UND play this season, and why not. They will have a good team, with great leadership; including Captain Chay Genoway, the key ingredients for a championship team.

But when most teams have a purpose or rally call for a season, there is no better reason then to play literally for the sweater a team wears.

As most know this is the last season UND will be wearing the Fighting Sioux logo and what a better way to honor the pride and spirit of the Sioux logo but to win the National Championship.

Tonight I will be at BU’s exhibition game, as I always do, proudly wearing my Sioux jersey. As BU gets ready to play in the Ice Breaker Tournament in St Louis, I find some irony in this.

As I mention above UND is losing their logo this year. However, the “hostile and abusive” rule imposed by the NCAA does not seem to apply to sponsors. Warrior Sports Apparel is the sponsor of the Ice Breaker tournament this year. The Warrior name is based on a Michigan high school - Brothers Rice Warriors.

I know the NCAA would say this is not an NCAA sanctioned tournament; this is true. But if they feel strongly about this type of abuse then the NCAA could make a determination that teams which agree to play in these types of sponsored tournaments should realized that the outcome of the games played in the tournament may not be included in the NCAA determination of who makes the Frozen Four – which is an NCAA sponsored tournament.

I know this is not reality because of the NC$$.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pics from UND vs. Cornell Weekend

Here is a link to pictures from the UND vs. Cornell weekend. LINK

I have posted a few of my favroite pictures below:

Cornell fans throw newspaper on the ice before the game. Pretty funny.

Zamboni driver dresses up.

Coaching staff walking to the bench.

Scrivens and Eidsness with a post game chat

Saturday, January 9, 2010

BU vs. BC at Fenway

Watching the BU vs. BC game at Fenway last night was just unbelievable. What a great and fun night. Here is a link to some pictures I took of the game. LINK

Thursday, December 31, 2009

My thoughts on Matt Frattin

I’m glad to see Matt Frattin back with the Sioux. A kid trying to go to college deserves a second chance. What Matt did was wrong and he was punished in many ways; including a suspension from the Team. It now appears that Frattin has worked hard to get an opportunity for a second chance.

Some are suggesting this may be a desperate move by Hakstol; I don’t see it that way. I truly believe that Hakstol feels based on Frattin’s actions during the time away from the team he deserves a second chance. I also see it as a very smart move with Frattin. With Genoway out indefinitely and other injuries to the team it opens up a spot with an opportunity to see if Frattin is truly ready to make the commitment to the team, on as well as off the ice.

My thoughts are it’s better to find out now, during the second half of this season, if Frattin is committed, than halfway into next year when your options to bring in new talent would be limited vs. the beginning of the season.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope Frattin makes the commitment to himself and it works out, but he must understand that he is “under a microscope” and the success or failure of his return is all up to him.

Let’s Go Sioux!!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A message from HOCKEY ON CAMPUS

HOCKEY ON CAMPUS online radio returns to its regular weekly 3-hour edition this evening, Wednesday December 2nd, from 7 to 10 pm eastern time. The nation’s most comprehensive college hockey podcast program is co-hosted by Bernie Corbett and Paul McNamara.

The show can be accessed live through the website at, and is archived on the site (following the live cybercast) so folks can listen at their convenience any time throughout the weekend.

Scheduled for this week’s program:

Norwich University Coach MIKE McSHANE & a preview of the
100th Anniversary Celebration of Norwich Hockey taking place this weekend

Minnesota-Duluth Coach SCOTT SANDELIN
on his team’s upcoming series with North Dakota

Boston College Women’s Coach KATIE KING
BU-BC Video “The Battle of Commonwealth Ave” Producer MATT FULTS
Inside Hockey Writer KEVIN EDELSON
College Hockey News’ ADAM WODIN
The “Hobey Watch’s” ELIOT OLSHANSKY
and more!!!

We’ll also take a look at this week’s national polls in Divisions 1 & 3 (both men and women)…and we’ll review the holiday weekend results and preview more of this weekend’s upcoming activity…

(Check the web site at around 5 pm this afternoon to confirm tonight’s Official Line Up.)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

DU 3 UND 2

This was a very disappointing game. In my opinion you only can control what you can control. UND did not do a very good job controlling their emotions. We can blame the Refs or George W for his constant complaining during the game, but the bottom line is you have to adapt; DU adapted to the flow of the game and UND did not.

UND- What I liked about the Game:
  • Brad Eidsness - He played great all weekend.
  • The power play - UND scored two goals off the power play

UND-What I did not like about the Game:
  • UND's Stupid, undisciplined penalties

Time to get over this weekend and focus on next week's series at the Subway Holiday Classic.